The 11th Life Science Symposium

On the 14th of May 2024, the Life Science Symposium will take place at Theater de Veste in Delft. This year the theme has been announced as: Altering Evolution: Taking the future in our own hands

Top-of-the-field academics and researchers will delve into techniques and strategies to shape the evolution process, shedding light on how these interventions can enhance life and various processes. During the day, a diverse array of topics will be covered, including the  reconstruction of the last common ancestor between archaea and eukaryotes.

With this theme we hope to inspire students and academics with the new advances and possibilities within the field of altering evolution, and show how it can play a major role within various scientific and medical fields.

Check out our announced speakers if you are interested in more information about them and take a look at the programme to see what the day has to offer you. For more practical information, you can visit the FAQ page. The symposium will start at 09:30 and will last all day. Tickets include a lunch, goodie bag and some drinks during the day. The ticket sale will open near the end of February and will remain available through this site until we are sold-out. Make sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates.