Experiences 2018

Dr. Christian Klein

Department Head Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery, Roche Innovation Center (CH)

“I enjoyed the LIFE Symposium” Immunotherapy” very much, there was an excellent speaker panel with renowned scientists from academia and industry spanning various topics from cancer immunotherapy to autoimmunity. The meeting organization was perfect and interactions at the symposium very enjoyable”

Prof. Jim Heath

President of the Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle (US)

“The 2018 Life Science Symposium was a wonderful experience. First, the students did an extremely good job planning the symposium, from personally picking me up at the airport (!) (even if we did get lost a bit getting back to Leiden). Further, the symposium hosted a slate of top-flight speakers, all of whom who went to some trouble to be good teachers. That doesn’t always happen! Finally, the audience itself, including these students, were well-prepared, and their preparation made the discussions following each lecture highly educational. Thanks so much for putting together such a terrific event.”

Prof. Rob de Boer

Professor at Theoretical Biology group, Utrecht University (NL)

“I very much enjoyed speaking and participating at the 8th Life Science Symposium. The meeting was very well organized, and the students invited excellent speakers giving exciting talks. The overall quality of the symposium
was at least as high as other meetings I normally attend.”

Dr. Sander van Kasteren

Group Leader Chemical Immunology, Leiden University (NL)

“I was mightily impressed by the symposium. The students had managed to collect a diverse and high-quality line up of speakers, of which I was proud to be one. The eye for detail of the organisers was exquisite, with all aspects of the meeting executed to perfection. Scientifically, the student audience provided a nice challenge; their sometimes left-field questions showed a maturity in insight and could sometimes catch you off guard. In all, it was a pleasure to be part of this.”